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It's the worlds most comfortable pillow

Key Features

This really is the best pillow my husband and I have ever slept on far. We sleep like the proverbial "two bugs in a rug". No stiff neck in the morning, no snoring and just all around wonderful. Thank you - thank you - thank you!!!




  • Patented Interlocking Fill - Adjust to any sleep position
  • Machine Washable and Dryable - Non-allergenic
  • Stays Cool -  No tossing and turning
  • 10 Year Warranty - Will not go flat
  • 60 Night Comfort Guarantee
  • 5cm gusset - Superior neck and head alignment and support across the whole pillow
  • Custom fit sizing - Fits your size and sleeping position. MyPillow has 4 different loft sizes (for stomach, back & side sleepers) See SIZE CHART here & figure out your size.

- Gill Doms  Project Manager

"I've tried so many pillows and I'm so pleased that I've finally found 'The One' for me. Had the most comfy, most cozy nights sleep I've had in years. Can highly recommend it :)"  Eve, NZ

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My Pillow Premium
My Pillow Premium
MyPillow USA
"After the first night my husband actually slept through the whole night. Usually he is up and down and got so bad went to another room so he didn't disturb me. It is amazing and I must say I can hardly wait to go to bed tonight as usually I sleep with two pillows. This will be our second night with our pillows and it can only get better if that is possible."  Poppy, NZ
"This is the best pillow I have ever had. The love affair between me and My Pillow started the night I first used it. I haven't slept well for years with neck problems, and have tried so many different pillows. This one is fantastic, right from the start."  Dale, NZ
"I got one of these after seeing the advert on TV. Thought it might be a bit of an overpromise, but nope, this pillow is AMAZING! Been sleeping better than I have in ages! So comfy and really supports my neck when I sleep (side sleeper). Get one, you won't regret it! " Jax, NZ
I"I sneak off to bed because I can't wait to sloth into My Pillow!  Being sick for a few months with restless nights, once I received My Pillow I started having restful nights.  I even brought one for my Best Friend to share the benefits. I think they sneak off to bed, too!  Hate the fact I have to share it, though, with the cat. Grrr. This has been a worth-while investment. " Pooks, NZ
"Great Pillow.  Love my pillow, comfortable from first night. Great sleep."  Bernard, NZ
I've had MyPillow for a couple of days.. I have not woken up with a headache and I've noticed that I'm not adjusting my pillow through out the night. I really does stay cool. I would highly recommend trying it!! Ddoubleu, USA
"As most people that sleep, l have tried many, many pillows. I'm 71 and have finally found my forever dream pillow. My search is over."   Mojavedood, USA

MyPillow has helped many people around the world and it's always good to hear others experiences, so let's see what our customers have to say...

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We Guarantee It!
 We offer a 60 night comfort guarantee, a 10 year warranty on every MyPillow!! We also have a 5 year warranty on our MyPillow® Topper and MyPillow® for Pets Pillows..for further information on these click here!

Cooling Effect
MyPillow® Premium creates a cooling effect throughout the night, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Machine Wash & Dry
MyPillow® Premium stays healthy and fresh! Wash and tumble dry as often as you want, like your favorite jeans!

Forms To Your Shape
Our 3-piece interlocking fill gently cradles head and neck. Stays just the way you like it all night long.

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All dollars are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST.  Shipping is $9.90.  Allow 5 - 10 working days for delivery.

Buy MyPillow today & have the Best 'Rest of Your Life'

"Glad I took a chance and ordered about a year ago. One for me and one for my son. Diminished migraines and neck stiffness for both of us. Fabulous invention and well executed. Wonderful to have pillows that really can be washed and dried holding their shape and ready to sleep on the same night."  Gramx2, USA

"Finally a pillow thick enough for side sleepers!  Waking up every morning with a sore shoulder and a stiff neck was really ruining my day, after only a few nights I can easily say this is definitly the pillow for me! Thank you!" Judith, NZ